stephanie & krist – engaged to be married

just this past monday we had a chance to do stephanie and krist’s engagement shoot in downtown st. paul. i remember one of the last times i wanted to do an engagement shoot in downtown st. paul during the winter carnival… must have been 4 years ago… and it was deadly cold, around 20 below i think. it was so cold we had to cancel it and reschedule for march!

well, on monday it wasn’t quite that cold so we did get a chance to catch some great shots. not only that, stephanie and krist decided to do something a little different and do it at night! i’ve been really getting into nighttime photography lately for different moods and looks. i think this is one of my first shoots that was exclusively outside and all at night too. check it out!

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kersta & davis – engaged to be married

every once and a while i get to do winter engagement sessions. i really do enjoy them a lot! in the winter we can do lots of things we can do any other time of year and capture an essence that you just can’t capture otherwise! this is the unique look i go for. so last week, kersta and davis were in town and we had A LOT of fun with their winter wonderland engagement session. here are just a few faves.

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introducing the FOTOBOOTH!!

i’m VERY excited to introduce to you all a very new service for wedding receptions that i am now offering. its called the fotobooth. i introduced my fotobooth for the first time at ashlee & tom’s wedding last week at the landmark center in saint paul.

so many of my clients over the years have rented digital photo booths for their wedding receptions and they’re very neat and very popular. about 5 years ago i saw a colleague of mine demo a photographer’s kind of photo booth at a convention in las vegas and i thought, “what a great idea!”. well, since then i’ve seen many local national colleagues of mine also pick up and start to offer this very service to their clients. i know several friends of mine who have been offering wedding photo booths for their wedding receptions for the last year or two. needless to say, i dragged my feet on it a little bit, but i’m very happy to say its now here!!

for the fotobooth, what i do is what some people call a photographer’s version of a photobooth. instead of having a confined and enclosed “booth” space, i instead have a completely open space with a plain white backdrop. i then setup a high quality DSLR camera to a couple studio lights to create what is known as a high-key setup. everything is automated and controlled by computer so at anytime, one person or a BIG group of people can come up and have their photo taken.

its a very fun thing to have at a wedding reception and because its all automated, it really gets people to have some fun and loosen up a bit, as you can see in the examples down below. 😉

in a few months i’ll also have the option to print photos on-site for wedding guests as well for an additional fee. but all told, this service will only be available to brides and grooms who book me to photograph their wedding, but it will be the best deal in town by far for a wedding photobooth.

check it out and tell your friends!! its the new FOTOBOOTH by KO FOTO!!

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ashlee & tom – married november 28th, 2009

just last weekend i photographed ashlee and tom’s wedding in saint paul. they had their reception at the landmark center next to rice park and for a wedding happening in late november, we had some amazing weather! it was like the middle of october! we were able to do so much photography outside because of the great weather. it was also the day that they lit the christmas tree in rice park and we enjoyed a little time with that along with the ice skating rink right next to the landmark center too. so much fun winter fun on a rather non-wintery day! 🙂

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my nephew gavin’s first halloween – the cutest lion ever

its true, i am very lucky to have such a cute nephew. he definitely takes after his uncle. 🙂 my sister (his mom) made the cutest lion costume for him. she got it from a pattern but she made the whole thing herself! too cute!!!

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