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stephanie & krist – engaged to be married

just this past monday we had a chance to do stephanie and krist’s engagement shoot in downtown st. paul. i remember one of the last times i wanted to do an engagement shoot in downtown st. paul during the winter carnival… must have been 4 years ago… and it was deadly cold, around 20 below i think. it was so cold we had to cancel it and reschedule for march!

well, on monday it wasn’t quite that cold so we did get a chance to catch some great shots. not only that, stephanie and krist decided to do something a little different and do it at night! i’ve been really getting into nighttime photography lately for different moods and looks. i think this is one of my first shoots that was exclusively outside and all at night too. check it out!

kersta & davis – engaged to be married

every once and a while i get to do winter engagement sessions. i really do enjoy them a lot! in the winter we can do lots of things we can do any other time of year and capture an essence that you just can’t capture otherwise! this is the unique look i go for. so last week, kersta and davis were in town and we had A LOT of fun with their winter wonderland engagement session. here are just a few faves.

ashlee + tom – engaged to be married

earlier this week in preparation for ashlee & tom’s wedding next month, we had their engagement session on a really nice late fall evening. we actually traveled out to my old stompin’ grounds in stillwater to the aamodt’s apple orchard and winery. i haven’t been there in a couple years, but its always nice to go back. i have lots of memories of going to that very orchard since i was a just a kid, sometimes with my family and sometimes on school field trips too! i always have a great time getting back to stillwater to photograph couples. 🙂

kellie + seth – engaged to be married

we had a fun time last saturday at the minnesota landscape arboretum for kellie & seth’s engagement session. every time i am out there i’m amazed at how large the grounds are and how you can absolutely go anywhere and always find something new. such an amazing place, its a shame its so far away from me. 🙂

nicole + jason – engaged to be married

earlier this week i photographed nicole & jason’s engagement session. they’re a totally laid back couple and we decided to start on the mississippi river at the U of M campus and then walk around a little. we meandered up the river near the stone arch bridge as well and captured a few more and even worked in a little wine along the way!