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smith family cabin – august 2009

i just got back from a couple days with the smith family up at a little vacation they were having at a cabin on a lake in northern wisconsin. this is basically my girlfriend’s sisters and their kids, and all together she has 6 nieces and 1 nephew. needless to say i have a lot of catching up to do with only 1 nephew myself! 🙂 but they’re a pretty cute bunch and they even wore some tie-dye shirts that i made back when i was 18 (which believe me, was a LONG time ago!). so we had a little photo session and had some fun with it too. some of the kids are pretty darn cute and some of them are a little goofy… i’ll let you be the judge. 😉

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stubbs family at the park

i consider myself to be a pretty lucky person sometimes. part of that is because of how close i am to my friends. i actually have a close-knit group of 7 friends that goes back to junior high. one of them is my friend john whom i met in 7th grade history class, 1st hour, in my first year of junior high.

boy how time flies! john’s now married like most of my friends and not too long ago he and his wife had their first child, nathan. they currently live in maine, but we’re doing our best to get them to move back closer to home. 🙂 but they were in town this week so we had a chance to do a little family photo shoot for them this week.

what a cutey!

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matt + melissa + charlie • a holiday shoot

just last week in late november i got the chance to photograph matt & melissa along with their beagle charlie. matt is actually a dear old friend of mind from college and it had been a few years since matt & melissa’s wedding so we decided to do a little photo shoot for x-mas.




traci + todd + family – engaged to be married

the day after trista & wally’s wedding, i headed downtown for a little family shoot! traci & todd are getting married in september down in marshall, minnesota but its been a long time since they’ve gotten any family photos done too so we decided to include the kids a little too! we had a fun time walking all over the st. anthony area seeing this and that.

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