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what’s a great digital SLR camera?

i get this question sometimes too. 🙂 the easy answer is: ALL OF THEM!
well… sort of. there are lots of folks out there that want to step-up their photography skills and feel as though the logical step is to purchase a digital SLR camera. while this is logical, the problem that most run into is that they feel that their photography will jump leaps and bounds once this happens. people get too caught up in the camera body and forget that the point is in the USE of it.

people at weddings ask me all the time “hey! what camera do you use? how many megapixels is that thing??”. the short answer is, IT DOESN’T MATTER! 🙂
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what’s a great point-n-shoot digital camera?

i get this question all the time. in fact years ago i actually used to sell film and digital cameras at both ritz camera and best buy. believe it or not, the best digital cameras out there aren’t always the ones that sell the best.

i could go into a long rant all day long on what the best one is, but i’ll cut to the chase first and then explain a little. if you want the point-n-shoot camera that will give you the best quality images in the widest variety of situations, the camera you want is the FujiFilm F31fd (sometimes just called the F31).

fujifilm f31fd

its the one i own, and many many pro photogs choose it too. unfortunately the chances that you’ll find it at a local store are extremely slim so online is your best bet at places like Beach Camera or eBay. this model is getting hard to find because its being replaced with the F40 and F50, but sadly, they simply are not as good as the F31.

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