shooting style

What’s a music education major doing with a camera?


I know. It sounds crazy, but my background in music performance gives me an edge. A ready-for-anything mindset that translates beautifully to a photojournalistic approach. I’m not a “Hey, everybody look at the camera and smile” kind of photographer. For me it’s far more fluid and organic. I roll with whatever the day brings, capturing the full range of emotion, the vibe of your wedding as it happens minute by minute. I’m fully tuned into the two of you, while keeping an eye out for visual storylines among your guests.

I create portraiture that feels fresh and modern. You’ll see fashion influences in my work. I like to photograph couples in an unexpected location for a look that’s stylistically interesting—whether it’s the light, composition or even an element of motion. Those are just a few of the nuances that make your wedding photographs as memorable as the event itself.